jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Graphic designing and my sunking ship

Graphic Design as a table in the sea

1. Ive heard some people that they design cause they can draw, or they can use the pc softwares really well, i took a minute of my day to illustrate those people about what design is.

2. Designing is like the floating table in the sea when your ship is sunking, you have to embrace it, feel it every second to know that´s the one thing saving you, letting you live and keeping you away from drowning, you feel it in your hand, and the most amazing feeling is the power of being alive.

3. when you feel that power, you start to realize this is keeping you alive is more than a reason to breathe. And you star to love it, you start to breathe for it, live for it, and then you look around you and everything else is gone, is just you and your floating table.

4. you cant find anything around you, or grab something else, cause this floating table keeps you safe, you embraced it, you breathe for it, you love it, then and only then you realize you live in it, everything around you doesnt look good enough to blow your table away, and wherever that table takes you, you will go. Thats what designing, ladies and gentlemen (sorry if a call you ladies and gentlemen, i dont know you too well), Was, is and will be for me.


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